Bring on the love, baby!

Good morning, Sandcastle family!

Some of you might know today as Valentine’s Day. Some of you might be celebrating S.A.D. (Single’s Awareness Day). Whatever your choice of holiday, today is all about the love – and what better way to start it than by talking about self-love?

We’ve all seen the Instagram posts and motivational quotes about how important it is to show yourself love – but did you know that it’s actually backed by science? A study put out by Health Psychology found that by showing yourself compassion and kindness, you’re more likely to adopt healthy habits and behaviours (like hanging out with your friends at the Castle!). We know, though, that it can be hard to find ways to show yourself love – so as our Valentine’s gift to you, we’ve put together a list of six simple ways to do it. Give ’em a try!

1. Take a mental break.
It doesn’t need to be a long one. Take ten minutes away from your computer to reset. Grab a coffee, take a quick walk around the office or maybe step outside to get some air. Your brain and body will thank you!

2. Drink enough water.
Your body needs sufficient hydration to get you through your day. Drinking enough water ensures that you perform at your best, avoid headaches and sluggishness and rid your body of toxins. Plus, filling your water bottle is a great way to get mini-break from work (see point 1). Drink up!

3. Consider your language.
Throughout the day, pay close attention to your self-talk. What are you saying to other people about yourself? What are you telling yourself? Would you tell somebody else some of the things that you tell yourself? If you wouldn’t, try to change up your language.
Example: “I wasn’t productive at work today. I’m not good at my job.” 
Instead, try: “I didn’t get quite as much done today as I wanted to. I’ll try again tomorrow.” 

4. Call a friend. 
Sometimes all you need to brighten your day is to hear a friendly voice. Take five or ten minutes today to call somebody who’s special to you. You’ll probably make their day!

5. Choose food that will make you feel good. 
When choosing what to fuel your body with, ask yourself what will make you feel your best. Pick foods that will make you feel satisfied and will support you in your day.

6. Don’t forget that workout!
You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? In all seriousness, though, getting your sweat on helps you sleep better, improves your strength, flexibility and heart health, helps boost your immune system and contributes to your overall happiness. Also, you’re guaranteed to see some friendly faces when you walk through the doors at the Castle. Drop by the gym today – you’ll be so happy that you did.

That’s all, folks! Try out some of the tips listed here and no matter whether your attached or unattached, make sure you show yourself some love today. After all, you’re stuck with you for the rest of your life – so learn to be kind to yourself!



Featured member Brandie Mabee who also has a 2 page layout in Muscle Insider this fall!

Brandie says:

I can’t thank Sandcastle Fitness Club enough for their support through the SWFC prep!

New Members

Becoming a member at a gym you know nothing about can be a little scary, especially if you don’t know anyone there.
Luckily for those who step foot into Sandcastle Fitness Club, they feel comfortable in an instant.
We have friendly and fabulous staff members, confident and helpful trainers, and most of all, we are all one big happy family…
When I first entered Sandcastle, my first thought was, “this is such a unique-looking gym!”  It wasn’t like any of the other gyms I’ve been to. Nothing fancy, but it felt just right. Like home.
The minute I was introduced to the staff and some of the members, I couldn’t wrap my head around how lovely everyone was. It was surreal to be in a place where people weren’t snooty and overly competitive like everywhere else I’d been.
I had positive vibes being here, and I think I can speak for most people in that regard.
I recall that the other gyms I’ve been to certainly couldn’t measure up to Sandcastle. The front desk service was a huge thing for me, personally. Just like everyone, I like getting great service. I didn’t have to worry about that at all. All staff behind the desk were kind, courteous, and intelligent. They didn’t give you the feeling that you were inconveniencing them by getting up off the stool and handing you a small towel and a lock.
I’m so grateful to have been led to this wonderful place where I can feel COMFORTABLE working out in a supportive environment.

Gym Buddies

gym buddy

Gym buddies…

Everybody has one, right?


I have found over the time I have been attending Sandcastle Fitness, that most of the regulars have their own group, or gym buddy.

Some (I’ve noticed) decide to go alone.

I myself have a gym buddy and wouldn’t know what the heck to do without one!!!

Maybe for some people it’s easier to focus working out alone? Perhaps it’s too distracting to be working out with another person, let alone a few? Sometimes you get to talking, then decide to stop and grab a bite to eat after only completing two sets.

Whoops. I can’t say that’s ever happened before… *wink wink*

For me personally, having a workout buddy is a fantastic thing. It’s like having a personal cheerleader rootin’ you on to lift. It’s a wonderful thing. That’s why I love the partnership. Whether it’s a friend, school colleague, sibling, or other half, getting that motivation from them just makes you want to do better, does it not?

I would love to hear from those who workout alone!

What are your methods? Why do you like working out alone?




Cheat Meals


Eating well is a very significant part of exercising. It’s mandatory. Otherwise, you won’t reap the benefits of weight loss! But sometimes, you gotta have a cheat meal once in a while…

I find that some people get so caught up in dieting and practically starving themselves to shrink down to a preferable size. But let me tell YOU, that is NOT the way to do it!

Just a like a kid, when he/she does something good, they get rewarded for it. We adults should follow the same path.

If we kept continuing to avoid carbs forever, or try to put the thought of chocolate out of our minds, we’d  go CRAZY! It’s so important that we treat ourselves for our hard work at the gym. Some of us may feel that we aren’t working hard enough because we don’t really see the results so much. But let me tell you…

You are a golden god/goddess! Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t see results right away! If you are stepping foot into that gym and doing the absolute best you can, HAVE A BURGER, you deserve it, you rockstar!

Happy Monday!




How to Start a Diet: 5 Steps

Listen up, this is important.

Changing your diet is a BIG DEAL

When starting a new diet, or making changes to your current diet, you are modifying the fuel your body uses to do literally everything.

We have said this before, and we will say it again: everything your body does takes energy!  From exercise to your immune system, even thinking uses energy!  This is why the food you use to fuel your body is so very important.

For whatever reason you are starting your diet, whether it be for a fitness competition, just to lose some excess weight, or to feel better all around, it is important to make sure you feel good, on the inside and out. 

Sticking to a diet, and dieting safely are two surprisingly difficult endeavors to undertake, so here are a few tips to help!

  1. Make Small Changes!  Especially if you have never changed your diet, or started a diet plan before, make small changes towards your dieting goals even months before you start.  For example, if your diet consists of less bread and more vegetables, start slowly cutting out bread in your current diet week by week.  Going cold-turkey will increase your chances of binge eating later down the road.  Or, if you want to become a vegetarian, try cutting out seafood for a month, then add red meat to the list!  Progress as your body adjusts.
  2. Do You Have a Diet Buddy?  Making yourself accountable to someone else will increase your chances of sticking to your diet.  If you know you would have to text someone at the end of the day that you had three donuts and a bag of chips, you are less likely to make that decision in the first place.  You can also do your diet research together, because it is vital to know exactly what you are about to do to yourself!  Make sure your diet is safe, effective, and healthy!  Weight loss will happen, health problems are avoidable, (in most cases.)
  3. Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!  We said it three times because it’s important.  You need to find what works for you!  You are different, physically and chemically than other people, so what works for some people, might not work for you.  You need to find a diet that helps keep you fit, full, energetic, and healthy. Your diet needs to fit with specifically your lifestyle.  How busy are you?  How active are you?  How tired are you?  These are all important questions you need to ask yourself.
  4. Eat Enough Food!  Like we said earlier, everything you do takes energy, and you need to make sure the diet you are on gives you enough energy to do everything it is that you do!  When you just cut out food from your diet, most of the time what you are doing is simply depriving your body of the energy it needs to function and let’s face it…that’s how starvation works.  If you want to make a diet that lasts and is healthy, you want to make your body want more fuel, not less.
  5. Talk to Your Doctor.  Yes, changing your diet can be that big of a deal.  Take a blood test.  You might be low on iron, or b vitamins, and not even be aware.  You could change your diet and unwittingly cut out your supply of a certain vitamin or mineral and cause yourself serious health problems down the road.  If you are not sure, talk to a professional.

Be smart, be safe, work hard and don’t give up!  A successful diet can make you feel leaner, more energetic, and actually make you more productive!



“If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you.”

-Les Brown