Have you heard ????

As of October 15, we will be starting renovations to put in a members’ lounge (of course Sandcastle guests are welcome)!

If you are one of the many SC members that love to hang around and chill (and eat), btw, we love it when you do this, we are making a spot just for you.

If you are a morning “coffee and scone” type person, we will have that too!

We will still have a members fridge and microwave but will also have a great space to relax and enjoy.   We will also be opening up a menu for you so you can order your contest  prep or nutrition dense meal of choice ahead of time and have it ready for you after your workout.

Do you have favourite protein shakes or smoothies that you might like to see?  Please message us at “info@sandcastlefitness.ca” and tell us what you like.

Just another way to add to our community and keep our SC family happy!


A gym on every corner….

As our little town of South Surrey/White Rock grows, so does the fitness community.

It seems as if there is a gym opening on every corner, which is great to some extent  for the growing community.    Each club will have a little something special that will appeal to someone.

A few tips before choosing a club…..

Make sure you are able to get there easily.   If you have to drive through crazy traffic just to get to your club, chances are, you will go a couple of times and then won’t want to fight the craziness.

Check out the competition.   Unless you find a great club that is right around the corner from home, take the time to see what is out there.

Make sure the hours suit your schedule.  If you have to start trying to figure out where you will fit your workout in because the club closes at 5 on a Saturday, chances are, you wont get your workout in.

Always best to go in for a tour however, all of your questions should be able to be answered over the phone if need be!

Never a bad idea to read about clubs that have lots of Google or Yelp reviews.  Its always kind of obvious when a staff member writes a review but for the most part, the majority of the reviews do tell a pretty good story!

Don’t allow pressure sales to decide for you.   If you are told its “today only”, chances are it’s not.  Take the time to make sure you are comfortable and that the club is easily accessible to you.

Make sure all your questions are answered so you leave feeling like you were really listened to.

Finally, any club worth going to will allow you a free trial.  This means FREE!  You should not be expected to give out any credit card or payment information if you are trying out a club.  Free trial should mean exactly that.  FREE!  The whole idea is to allow you to get a feel for the club and make sure its a good fit!

With all of that in mind, you should be able to find the right club for you.

Happy fitness hunting!


….is a judgement free gym

It seems the “thing” now is to show the world that you are a “judgement free gym”.

That makes me think of schools that claim to be ” 0 tolerance” for bullying.  Why do these have to be a thing that you have to say or publicize.  Bullying and nastiness should not be tolerated anywhere EVER!   It carries over to the judgement free gym.  No gym goers should cast judgement over others just because they train differently.

I have seen a few gyms  that need to display this.   I am so super proud that our club is an EVERYBODY gym.  We have a very large group of competitive bodybuilders and powerlifters,  our dumbbells are heavier than anyone else’s that I have seen, we are in the middle of putting in 2 more new heavy lifting platforms so that the big boys and girls can do their heavy deadlifts etc.    but I can say with 100% certainty that this is motivating to our non heavy lifters.

We are not fashionable, our members will  politely ask that you move along or work in with each other  if you are sitting and texting on a machine,  gym goers pretty much keep to themselves so they can get their work done, and we have different areas that cater to what kind of workout you do!

No judgement here at all, everyone is here for the same thing…..to build a better body (whatever that means to you)  clear your mind, and feel good about yourself!


Personal Training makes a comeback!

One thing about the fitness industry is that history repeats itself.  Fitness trends come and go and then come back again often with a newly created “cool” name.   Some of these trends are fantastic and fun, some may  not be so safe but create that “superhero” feeling and of course  good old Group Fitness classes ( we use to call them aerobics classes) are still going strong!

One trend that has come back stronger than ever is Personal Training.  This is one trend that I personally am totally supportive of!   Personal training may not be for everyone but it might be just right for you if:

-You want to get fit but don’t know where to start!                                                                         -You just can’t seem to get to the next level whether it be bring your strength up, putting  on extra muscle, or losing that last bit of extra weight!                                               -You are finding yourself in a fitness rut and need something fresh to get you excited about fitness again!

It is really important to make sure that whoever you choose to train you has the right credentials.  Anyone can call themselves a personal trainer but do they have the education and experience to back it up.

When members, or friends, or acquaintances ask me about choosing a trainer, first and foremost, I make sure they are certified.   Secondly it is really important to make sure you click with this person.  If you don’t find that  your personalities match, you may not be motivated.

Your trainer should offer a free sit down consultation and chat to make sure you are on the same page.  A great bond is easily and quickly created with the right combination of the client/trainer relationship and that is where the successful results come quickly!

“Wow, all this is the ladies only section?”

When people walk past or first walk through our doors, they don’t expect to tour a 22,000 square foot gym.
Yes, it really is that big – and no matter where you go in the club, whether it’s ladies’ only, co-ed, the group fitness studio or even the change rooms, you will never feel crowded.
One of my favourite things about the club is giving a tour to a new lady and stopping at our ladies’ only gym (a full fitness center with cardio, free weights, machines, squat racks…the list goes on!) and hearing her say “Wow, this is all ladies-only?”   Yes, yes it is!
Usually the next thing I hear is, “this is great because I’m not comfortable in co-ed.” …and then many of these ladies, once comfortable with their routine, slowly head upstairs to our  co-ed gym and realize they’re completely fine.
They just needed a little more confidence to feel okay working out “with the guys”. Of course, it probably helps when they see that everyone here is really just there to workout – nobody’s here for a fashion show!
We would know – we’re in our sweats all day long.
Sandcastle’s the place to be when you want to feel relaxed, right at home and motivated to get your best workout no matter what. (Having said that, even though I’m confident in my workouts, train hard  and comfortable with everyone around here – I LOVE our ladies-only gym…it’s still my go-to!)


What a weekend with the pros!

Well that was one serious bodybuilding weekend at the Van Pro Show!  Congratulations to our own competitors at Sandcastle!  We did amazing and are off to Nationals!

The BC Bodybuilding Championships were combined with a Pro Show so it was quite a treat to watch our own competitors share the stage with the Pros!

2017 Figure, Fitness and Physique Canadian Nationals

are coming up at the end of July and we cant wait to see how Sandcastle does!

These are a little different than the traditional bodybuilding categories.  There is so much more to competing (and to enjoying the shows) than years ago.

So exciting!  Best of luck to our Physique athletes!


12 days out….

We are 12 days out before the Vancouver Pro Show / BC Bodybuilding championships.  Over the next almost 2 weeks you will start to see extremely lean  zombies walking around the gym in a daze, grouchy,  crying, laughing,  and then crying again.    Its a crazy game that these incredibly hard working and dedicated athletes play within their own heads!    This particular show (for our local competitors) is a bonus because they are competing on the same stage, the same weekend, as the pros!   I am super excited that we have athletes from our gym competing all weekend!   If you have never been to an event like this, what a great way to start.  There is an expo all weekend full of  fun events, lots of free stuff, and the expo is only $25. (not including the finals for the competition)

Sandcastle is SO PROUD to support members of our Sandcastle family that are giving it their all!   We will be there for you!!  You are almost there!!!!