Competitor or Builder?

So, not unlike other sports, the sport (or art) of bodybuilding takes a huge amount of dedication.  Once you decide to take it on stage, a whole new world seems to open up.

What and who you have in your gym will, to some point, dictate how you hit the stage.

Does your gym offer you a little extra?  Will they stay open a tad later because you still have 10 minutes of cardio left of your 2nd cardio workout of the day before bed?

Do they have a fridge for your food because your 6 pack lunch kit  is too full?  Do your fellow members know that you are not  ignoring everyone  but that your show is just around the corner and at any second you think  you may have a breakdown!

and… is the support?  The bodybuilding world is a community of not just bodybuilders but “builders”!  These are the family, friends, and co members of your gym  that are there to support you!   They will  sit in the audience for 5 hours to cheer you on, to build you up so you hit that stage knowing the seats are full of “builders”, there for you!

“Tis the season of many a show coming up.   If you are not a competitor, will you at least be a “builder” for your fellow gym mates?


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