My first show

A long, long time ago, I went to my first bodybuilding show.  My brother was competing and it was all about bodybuilding.  The men and women were all heavy duty competitors.

This was the 80’s so there was no such thing as a bikini class, or physique.  The bigger and “freakier” (yes, this is the truth) you were, the better you did.

Over the years, the sport  has changed and doors have opened for more gym athletes to be able to take the stage.

It is so exciting to see competitors from all categories.  Sandcastle is so lucky to have so many athletes to learn from.

We are very proud to show our support to Brandie Mabee who has been a loyal and awesome member for some time.  (Member being a Sandcastle family member cause we wouldn’t have it any other way)

Brandie is a (more than)  full time pharmacist  who is also a National Level Athlete and we are very excited to share a bit about her with you.



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