“Wow, all this is the ladies only section?”

When people walk past or first walk through our doors, they don’t expect to tour a 22,000 square foot gym.
Yes, it really is that big – and no matter where you go in the club, whether it’s ladies’ only, co-ed, the group fitness studio or even the change rooms, you will never feel crowded.
One of my favourite things about the club is giving a tour to a new lady and stopping at our ladies’ only gym (a full fitness center with cardio, free weights, machines, squat racks…the list goes on!) and hearing her say “Wow, this is all ladies-only?”   Yes, yes it is!
Usually the next thing I hear is, “this is great because I’m not comfortable in co-ed.” …and then many of these ladies, once comfortable with their routine, slowly head upstairs to our  co-ed gym and realize they’re completely fine.
They just needed a little more confidence to feel okay working out “with the guys”. Of course, it probably helps when they see that everyone here is really just there to workout – nobody’s here for a fashion show!
We would know – we’re in our sweats all day long.
Sandcastle’s the place to be when you want to feel relaxed, right at home and motivated to get your best workout no matter what. (Having said that, even though I’m confident in my workouts, train hard  and comfortable with everyone around here – I LOVE our ladies-only gym…it’s still my go-to!)



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