….is a judgement free gym

It seems the “thing” now is to show the world that you are a “judgement free gym”.

That makes me think of schools that claim to be ” 0 tolerance” for bullying.  Why do these have to be a thing that you have to say or publicize.  Bullying and nastiness should not be tolerated anywhere EVER!   It carries over to the judgement free gym.  No gym goers should cast judgement over others just because they train differently.

I have seen a few gyms  that need to display this.   I am so super proud that our club is an EVERYBODY gym.  We have a very large group of competitive bodybuilders and powerlifters,  our dumbbells are heavier than anyone else’s that I have seen, we are in the middle of putting in 2 more new heavy lifting platforms so that the big boys and girls can do their heavy deadlifts etc.    but I can say with 100% certainty that this is motivating to our non heavy lifters.

We are not fashionable, our members will  politely ask that you move along or work in with each other  if you are sitting and texting on a machine,  gym goers pretty much keep to themselves so they can get their work done, and we have different areas that cater to what kind of workout you do!

No judgement here at all, everyone is here for the same thing…..to build a better body (whatever that means to you)  clear your mind, and feel good about yourself!



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